Monday, January 5, 2015

2015 Goals

First, let's start by looking back on 2014 and seeing how far I got with my goals:
  1. Read at least 25 books - from those books that I already own (plus some new ones I'm sure). 
  2. Blog at least twice a week. 
  3. Get back into daily morning yoga (which ultimately means going to bed a bit earlier). 
  4. Get outside - hike, skate, bike, walk. 
  5. Grow some herbs and keep my other plants alive and thriving (which means repotting some of them). 
  6. Organize, organize, organize. Follow monthly declutter plan. Use up supplies and organize craft space. Donate things / clothes / dishes we don't use. Clean out the fridge and pantry. Keep things clean. Finish unfinished canvases and journals. Decorate with original art (including my own). 
  7. Update blog design. 
  8. Take a class - learn something new. 
  9. Put more thought into gifts and cards to loved ones. Make the most of every phone call and visit. 
  10. Be creative every day - be it in the kitchen, at my craft desk or on the couch with a journal or sampler.
Well... I read 35 books in 2014, so I crossed off my first goal. Otherwise, I didn't do enough to really cross any of the others off. Of all my years of blogging, last year I blogged the least. I didn't get back into yoga - though I did start exercising and kept it up until things got too busy with wedding plans. I barely went outside to exercise though and only skated once all year. I grew some herbs and plants.. and lost most of them to various reasons. I did organize some, but not enough, not nearly enough. I was creative, but not enough. I wasted too much time online doing nothing and not enough time doing things I really enjoy.

This year is going to be different. This year is going to be more intentional. This year, I'm going to thrive

15 goals for 2015:
  1. Read 25 books I already own (as of January 1st).
  2. Exercise three times a week (AKA get back into my gym routine).
  3. Practice yoga at least three time weekly.
  4. Master making pasta from scratch.
  5. Eat more healthily: less take-out, less processed/pre-packaged foods, less sugar, less pop, more fruits and veg, bring lunch to work everyday, etc.
  6. Find a good farmer's market / exotic food store in order to create new flavours and recipes.
  7. Organize my life: downsize wardrobe, craft room, kitchen, decorations, etc.
  8. Fill at least six sketchbooks and finish my Amber art book.
  9. Finish at least two cross-stitch projects.
  10. Practice sewing on my new (to me) machine and serger.
  11. Don't buy a single card - make them instead. Try to make gifts too.
  12. Blog at least twice weekly.
  13. Date night weekly.
  14. Travel to a new place.
  15. Spend less time online / on my phone. 
A typical list of goals for me. The theme for this year is definitely to forge a new, healthy routine. The most important thing I need to remember is to forget any missteps and get back on track as soon as possible.

What are your goals and resolutions for this year?

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