Sunday, September 29, 2013

28 List: September Recipe

One of the goals on my 28 List was to cook a recipe from each month's Bon Appétit magazine. Here's what I made from September's:

The only "problem" was that I didn't have any olives... but I did have this awesome spicy kalamata pesto that I thought would work well to replace both olives and red pepper flakes:

I was right! This dish was AWESOME! I've really been into greens lately, especially Swiss chard. For this recipe though, I went a bit more frugal: I used the greens from my beets and radishes (which I normally throw away) and added a bit of leftover spinach for good measure. Cheap and delicious - what could be better?!

This recipe was super simple too - chop some garlic, juice half a lemon, wash your greens and sauté it all in olive oil:

Once the garlic had a bit of colour, I added in a dollop of the olive pesto:
It doesn't look very appetizing just yet, but this is where all the flavour comes from!

It was then just a matter of wilting the greens and finishing it all off with some lemon juice:
So tasty!

The pesto made it so that the olive flavour was subtle and not overwhelming, but present in every bite. The garlic was the real star in the taste profile and the lemon added a perfect amount of bright acidity. I'll definitely be making this side again and again!

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Angie said...

Looks yummy and super healthy with all those greens!