Thursday, December 6, 2012

My Creative Space

As I said earlier this week, I was able to break out some of my supplies last weekend and collage in my sketchbook. It had been so long, it was almost a relief to be able to glue those scraps of paper down! I was so starved for some creative time that this first page came together in a matter of minutes:
It really helps to have envelopes of collage material at the ready! I started with a page ripped from an old physics workbook of mine, layered my chosen papers on top and finished with a few circles in pencil crayon. Here are a few more close-ups:

This next page was inspired by a Christmas quilt I saw while flipping through a magazine. I had to immediately find some of my holiday papers and make my own patchwork:
I love all the sparkly papers!
December is such a fun month - the holidays are mixed in with five family birthdays (all between the 23rd and 31st) - so I really want to enjoy it while it's here. As my mom said in an email, I don't want December to fly by without me noticing it like November did! There are so many things I want to do - decorating my apartment and starting my Christmas baking are foremost on that list. We just need to finish unpacking and organizing the new place first...

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