Thursday, December 3, 2009

Saturday December 5

What are you doing Saturday? Nothing? Want to come to my craft show?

I'll have a booth in the Maker's Market at Christ's Church Cathedral in Hamilton (Ontario). It runs on Saturday from 10 to 3.

I'm really excited! I'm hoping this one will go better than my first one - I think the venue is perfect for me.
I have a better idea on what to expect & how to set up my table. I only have one table this time, so I don't think I'm going to bring any sewing stuff. I'll have my globes & beaded ornaments hanging in trees (the ones my dad made me & a small table-top artificial Christmas tree). I'll probably line my mini notebooks in a square basket. And my earrings will be displayed in this box I made myself this week:
I just have to add a ribbon around the bottom. I'm debating on whether I should paint it, but I probably won't. I may hang bracelets from one of the dowels too.

Anyway, just wanted to send out the invite - now back to preparations!


H20works said...

Good luck Amanda, I'm sure you'll do great!


SimaG Jewelry said...

★Good luck Amanda★

Thank you so much for sweet comment,Leah loved it!


Anonymous said...

Good luck!!!!! Your jewelry stand you made was INGENIOUS. :)

Griet said...

Your display stand is so gorgeous. I wish I had someone to help me make a similar stand. I have so many necklace and earring sets to display.