Sunday, September 13, 2009

Craft Show Results

So...... wondering how my craft show went? Not bad, but not great either. The venue was not the best for me - it was a garage sale/craft show and 98% of the booths there were full of garage sale junk. So people were not there for quality items - they were there for a deal. My mom & I had lots of fun though, I have my first show under my belt and I made enough to cover my tables & umbrellas - so I consider it a success.Plus, now I have experience setting up my tables! I loved how my table cloth signs looked (though the tables ended up being 7' instead of the 6' they told us...) and my aunt said they really stood out.On the "by Amanda Giesler" table, I had one "tree" of Christmas globes, my gramma's knit washclothes & hand towels, my terrariums and my sewn goods (purses, zippered totes, tissue cozies & bottlecap cupcake pin cushions). Only 3 of the 8 terrariums I made ended up being good enough to sell - the other ones had dead moss & a funky smell (despite the charcoal) when opened. But these 3 were lush green & smelled of fresh earth. They didn't sell though, so if anyone wants to buy one, send me an email (I'll blog about this later with pictures).My "Ulixis" table had 2 "trees" of globes, notebooks, tags & jewelry. I still need to work out a better way to display my jewelry, but it didn't look too bad. My mom brought these great silver platters that I set my earrings out on. Between my 2 tables, I had a taller "tree" (my dad made me these) with large globes dangling on it. (Sorry for the over-exposed picture - I didn't take enough photos, so this one will have to do). It was a little windy, so the globes danced around & really caught a lot of people's attention. I heard a lot of comments saying they were too expensive though ($10 for large, $8 for small)..... honestly, what do you think? They take over an hour each to make...

The wind forced us to take down the umbrellas I had - luckily, it didn't rain. Of course, it got really, really sunny right around noon, when the sun was beating right in my face. My eyes were watering behind my sunglasses it was so bright. And since it was supposed to be a cloudy day (and it's September) I didn't think of sunscreen. My first sunburn in years, and I get it in September!It only took an hour or two for my fair skin to burn to a crisp. Want to see the awesome tan lines on my face??? Oh yeah. HOT. Pat can barely contain himself. That was yesterday afternoon. It looks worse today.It looks worse than these pictures reveal (thank you crappy lighting). My nose is bright red (except right between my eyes) and hurts. My entire face feels like it's on fire. *sigh*


H20works said...

Your tablecloths do look great, and I'll bet they stood out! Great job on those and now you have them already made for next time! Glad you had fun.

Ouch! Sunburns are no fun, heal fast!


TrickyBugPaperArt said...

Beautiful setup! And I think your paper globes are priced just right. Anyone who complained about the price obviously doesn't understand the time and effort you put into making them.

Congrats on putting that first show under your belt!

Tricky Bug Paper Art

Nicole's Homemade Treats...The Blog said...


Your tables look very nice! The globe trees are awesome! They are worth every penny!

Too bad you got sunburned! Hope it feels a little better! I am sure Pat thinks you are "Hot" no matter what!


Dorana said...

congemulations on your first event! calling it even is always a great start! LOVE LOVE LOVE the globe trees and they're priced perfectly!

we need to check out if there's an etsy exhibit of crafters in your area! you'd do great!


siempre- dorana