Friday, March 27, 2009


Finally! The new adaptor for my camera is in, so I can finally upload some new pictures! Of course, my laptop is still broken though, so I can't upload anything. I'll need to increase the nagging until Pat fixes it. In the meantime, I'll be bringing the camera and adaptor to work so that I CAN have new pictures ~ and new listings of all the new jewelry I've been making (since I have no internet in the evenings I've been creating like crazy!).So this blog post is just to show you some of the photos I've been accumulating over the past month ~ and to give you a sneak peak of some of my upcoming items.First up are some flowers I picked up at the grocery store. I was just playing around with different macro shots and crops... I just love flowers!I'm constantly buying things on Etsy ~ supplies, clothes, jewelry, bath and body... the list goes on. I often forget to post pictures of these purchases, but sometimes I don't forget! Like this necklace I ordered from one of my Etsy friends, Simag. It's a beautiful hammered gold heart with Pat stamped on it.I already blogged about this awesome gold peacock t-shirt by rainbowswirlz ~ but now I have a picture of it on me! I absolutely love it, it's so comfortable ~ soon, I'm going to get this pheonix shirt, probably in the green. This week, I made a cake. Just a simple white cake (out of a box) with chocolate icing. And of course lots of sprinkles. You can't go wrong with sprinkles!Most of this cake is gone. Pat only had one piece..... which is bull, since he's the one who needs fattening up, not me!

And now for a sneak peak at some new items coming to Ulixis Crafts real soon!First up is a blue version of my simple hoop earrings. These are already available in red, but soon will also be available in blue, turquoise, yellow and purple. Of course, these are still one of a kind, with only one pair of each colour available.
I love these melon beads, they look so cute underneath various sized bead caps. In fact, I've made several versions with different colours, bead caps, complementing beads and metals (you can already find silver, gunmetal and brass in my shop ~ keep an eye out for all new copper!).
Here is a purple version of my seedpod earrings.
This was sort of something I just came up with while playing around with a huge bag of silver jump rings. I couldn't decide if I prefered the largest ring at the top or bottom ... so I made one of each. This way, you can decide! And if you love quirky asymmetrical earrings, but want something a little more subtle, these are perfect!
This necklace is made with beads handmade by hmbstudios. I've purchased beads from her for Thanskgiving / Halloween and just loved how the necklaces turned out, so this time I went with some spring colours. These ones in particular are made with recycled glass ~ you can see the old bottles in her original listing! Naturally, these necklaces will be completely one of a kind with no possibility for reproduction! (This green shirt is from another Etsy friend, mchen, and also incredibly comfortable!)
Lastly, here's a necklace design I'm pretty excited about. I made one in pinks/purples/red (shown) and one in blues/greens/yellow. It's like a little fringe that makes your cleavage look AMAZING! Again, these 2 necklaces (like almost all my jewelry) are completely one of a kind ~ I don't have any supplies left to duplicate these!

So keep an eye on my shop ~ new listings coming really soon!


Kara Lennox said...

So pretty! Those jumpring earrings are awesome. I've always wanted to make chain maille out of jump rings.

Dorana said...

hi honey! LOVE LOVE the picture of you in the purple top with the dangling pendant! :o)

siempre - dorana