Thursday, December 18, 2008

Item of the day: Blue Hawaiian Quilt

I love quilts. They look so warm and cozy, and inviting. Plus, there is something special about a lovingly handmade item, especially one on the scale of this quilt. PacoandLupe chose absolutely stunning fabric and the quilted floral pattern is mesmerizing. Take a look and prepare to pick your jaw up off the floor (and wipe that drool off your face!):Doesn't it make you want to own a beach house so you can have this on your bed (or couch or wall) there? Oh, and do click on the picture and check out the listing for this quilt - the single picture just does not do this item justice!

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Unknown said...

That is a very nice quilt and a very fair price. As a quilter myself, I found it fascinating.

The quilting really makes this quilt! Look at the listing so you can see the center of the quilt and a picture of the back that shows the quilting pattern!(The topstitching that attaches the top, batting and back is called "quilting")

The border really is pleated, she didn't use a stripe print for that, she ppleated it!