Monday, December 15, 2008

Baking Plus a Dead Laptop

So this weekend was my Christmas baking weekend. I have some pictures, but my laptop is giving me some trouble (see below) so I won't be able to show you just yet. Here's a list of all the cookies / baking I got done this weekend (and a bit last week):
  • peanut butter cookies (around 2 dozen, almost all gone now)
  • shortbread cookies (around a dozen, half gone)
  • everything cookies (from Pioneer Woman and oh-so good!)
  • gingerbread cookies
  • fudge (1/2 with peanuts)
  • chocolate truffles
  • coconut balls
  • peanut brittle (not sure if this turned out... it was still gooey a day after I made it... though Pat did say it tasted good..)
  • spicy nut mix (burnt half of it, darn it... and I made double because it went over so well last year)
  • strawberry tea cookies (20)
  • lemon rope trees (40)
  • holiday cookies with sprinkles around the edges (around 20)
  • pecan tarts
Needless to say, I'm pretty pleased with my productive weekend. I still want to make some sugar cookies, and probably another batch of shortbreads because they're so easy. But not tonight since my supervisor is having a Christmas dinner... unfortunately, poor Pat isn't feeling so good. In fact, he stayed home sick today.. Poor baby.

Now... my laptop. All of a sudden, it stopped recognizing the power cord. I unplugged it to bring the laptop into the kitchen for a recipe, and then when I plugged it back in, it said it wasn't plugged in. And since then (Saturday evening) it hasn't recognized the power cord. My baby... slowly dying a painful death. Well.. hopefully, Pat will be able to fix it. He should have ordered a new power cord already, and hopefully it's only that... *sigh* I don't know what I'm going to do without my laptop! Luckily, we're heading home for the holidays this weekend, and I wasn't planning on bringing my laptop (my little brother has my old one I can borrow). But still! It's an expense I don't need right now... so I hope it's easily (and cheaply) fixed!


Anonymous said...

Oh... I'm drooling, Ulixis... That's a marathon of baking! Your house must smell amaaazing.

High On Craft said...

Holy crow!!! I bow to you the queen of holiday baking. Meanwhile I'm begrudging having to go out to get the ingredients for sugar cookies and gingerbread.

Unknown said...

Hay, good to hear about you and not just a promo blog entry!

I get nosey, I can't help it.

I'm glad someone is baking for the holidays, and I'm glad it's not me.

We DO have laptop troubles in common. ew. Really, when it all comes down to it, I'd rather have baking in common than computer problems. Mine wont keep the internet connection, and my anti-virus do-dad seems to have deleted a line of important code. I backed up everything precious yesterday.

Angie said...

Oh my! You've been quite the busy bee in the kitchen! I can't wait to see the pictures :)

I got your card's lovely :) Sitting on top my old school computer monitor hehe.

The Christmas show you said you saw, with the Kringles: "Santa Clause is Coming To Town" was made by the same people are Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer, Jackfrost, The Year Without Santa (and many more hehe). I saw that one on tv too :). I heart Christmas programming.

Angie said...

ps. i sent you a card to your Hamilton address, but I'm not sure if it'll make it time.