Thursday, September 21, 2017

Our Routine: 6 Months

When Marc turned six months, we were able to sign him up for swimming "lessons" at the community centre. The summer class consisted of half an hour every morning for two weeks. During these two weeks is when I really started to notice that we were finally falling into a very consistent routine... and that I was exponentially more productive as a results. I decided to make a record of this routine so that I could look back on it and see how far we've come:

Once our lessons were over, our routine sort of fell apart. We were away for a funeral and then had a short week leading into my birthday weekend. But, once things settled a bit, I cobbled together a similar routine that we've been following until very recently.

The parent-tot "free" swim times were on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 12:05-12:55. For Monday, Wednesday and Friday, we would either go for a walk to the park, do groceries or attend a nearby early-years drop-in program at an old age home just around the corner from our community centre. Obviously, there's quite a bit of flexibility in this routine. For example, nap frequency completely depends on how long he is able to sleep and how hard he plays in between.
 As you can see, our routine changed in just a few short weeks. We went from 5 feeds to 4 as we were able to comfortably stretch to 4 hours between feeds. Now, as we approach 8 months, our routine has changed again so that we are eating solids for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We've also sign up for the fall/winter sessions at the community centre (swimming lessons for Marc and a water fitness class for me: one where I can bring Marc into the pool with me!), which start next week. Once we're solidly into that new routine, I'll likely post an update so that in a few years, I can look back and remember these fun times.

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