Monday, July 4, 2016

Sketchbook Pages: Beautiful Birds Doodled

I signed up for Alisa Burke's Beautiful Birds workshop back when it was first released. I finally got around to watching the videos and they are so much fun! I've been sketching and doodling away in my sketchbook and on random pieces of paper every chance I get. I love birds!

Here are some of the pages I created, starting with the more doodled warm-ups. I'll post more "complete" bird sketches in another post.

One way Alisa gets us to loosen up is to doodle randomly and then create a bird out of it. This was tricky, especially if you weren't thinking about it and created a wonky scribble!

Another technique was to create simple shapes and make them into birds:

The exercise I enjoyed the most though was creating "splotches" of colour, and then finding a bird within that splotch. I used markers and a black Sharpie for these ones and a highlighter and ink pen for the last photo:

This last page is probably my favourite of the bunch. I created the splotches of colour with gelatos (spreading them around with water) and then created the birds with a Sharpie:
So simple and yet so cute! I can't help but smile when I look at them!

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