Tuesday, May 10, 2016

2016 Goals: April

Oof. April was BUSY. To say the least. Not only did work pick up in a big way, but we had plans every weekend. More on that later (maybe... if I find time! Ha! I'll try, promise!).

Here's my progress on my goals for this year:

16 GOALS FOR 2016:
  1. Read 30 books. 10/30
  2. Try 16 new Ottolenghi recipes. 2/16
  3. Try 16 new (loose-leaf) teas. 14/16 
  4. Put up shelves and organize craft room. Make it inspiring. No new progress over last month... now that it's getting nice out, this is going to be even more difficult... We shall see what I can do!
  5. Finish Amber art book - this year I WILL! Only a few pages left!
  6. Work in sketchbook daily. This still isn't daily, but it's certainly picking up now that I'm done my exam!
  7. Blog weekly. Well I called it last month. Let's try harder this month, shall we?
  8. Finish 2 cross-stitch samplers. Hey, I did finish a panel in my storybook sampler! Bonus points for me!
  9. Travel somewhere new. Might have made some plans along these lines.. more later once things are finalized!
  10. Sign up for and pass my SOCRA certification. Well I took the test and feel good about it. A few more weeks before I get my results!
  11. Make an inventory of all my books.
  12. Wake up earlier and practice yoga every morning. The yoga retreat certainly helped with this plan, although it's becoming an evening thing since I have to be at work early most days now..
  13. Make a weekly meal plan and prep veggies on the weekend. Keeping up with this one pretty consistently.
  14. Get rid of junk we never use (i.e. downsize our "things") and organize storage and spare spaces. 
  15. Work on making the backyard nicer (plant flowers, landscape, garden).
  16. Set reminders in my phone to make me check in on my goals at least monthly (and blog about it). DONE + 4/12 monthly reviews.
What goals have you crossed off your list lately?

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