Monday, January 18, 2016

Sketchbook Pages: 2015 Amber Altered Book

Here are the few pages I completed in my Amber altered book in 2015. None of these feel particularly "done" to me (which may be why I never thought to post about them last year - and why I didn't date 3/4 of them), but I doubt I'll be going back to any of them. New year, new slate, right?

Since I didn't keep track of the steps I took to create these pages, I'm not positive on all the layers involved. I did start by taping the spine with masking tape and may or may not have gessoed before starting. Otherwise, I'm guessing based on the textures I can see.

Autumn Gold
This is my favourite of the four in this post. I love the rich jewel tones. I do remember wanting to make this page all about the fall colours - definitely achieved that goal! I can tell I started with collage and added some major texture with gel medium and a circle stencil. I can see a splatter of India ink and a generous helping of iridescent copper light. I distinctly remember trying to highlight the circle texture with the metallic copper paint.

This is my only page with a date - October 2015.

Chilly Drips
I started with collage for this page too - and definitely used lots of washi tape (I recognize some of the patterns under there). It's possible this is an all-washi tape collage actually. I then muted everything with gesso before dripping turquoise Liquitex paint pen and purple India ink from the top and bottom respectively. Then I scribbled words into all the gaps using a white Sharpie.

It didn't feel finished, so I didn't date the page.. I think I worked on it around the same time as the previous and next pages, but I have no idea what the order is.

Abstract Florals
I was cleaning up my office and came across some old stickers - this page started there. There's no gesso underneath, but there is a heavy layer on top. I used a dry brush and worked vertically for the background, which gave some nice texture in the aqua paint. I wanted very rough, abstract flowers, so I painted those mostly with my finger. Lastly, I doodled wildly with a black pen and silver Sharpie. I was going for a very loose, primitive feel.

Again - it didn't feel done, so no date. Hate when I do that!

Vivid Contrast
This page has quite the timeline. Back when I first bought my turquoise Liquitex paint pen, I initially tried it out on this page. Later, I added some other bright colours (in blocks - I think I was using up paint from other project... a theme for this page!)... and then left it. For years! Over the holidays, I was working on another project and had leftover paint - it only seemed appropriate to add it to this page. First, I covered most of the page with black paint (gritty with fiber paste). Then I added splashes of red, orange, peach, pink and gold. And again, left it. Definitely not a "done" page, but still pretty, don't you think?

This year, my goal is to finally finished this book and start a new one. This time, I'm going to start at the beginning instead of jumping around throughout the book - it was a fun suggestion, but I prefer to be chronological and don't really have those "first page" jitters that this more random style eliminates. I just need to find an older book with sewn signatures and a subject I don't mind completely obliterating - a catchy title I can use helps too!

Have you ever altered a book? I'd love to see and hear about it!

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