Monday, October 19, 2015

The New Homestead

My parents are building a new home! Since we only travel North every couple of months, it's really quite exciting to see all the progress that has taken place since we last visited. Last time we were up in the summer, there was only a driveway with a cleared area at the end. Now take a look:
These are from the front with the driveway at my back (you can see the large meadow behind the soon-to-be house). My parents are standing at the garage side. The cement has been poured and the basement is rising!

Here's a look from the meadow:
That last one is taken from the other side of the meadow, near the entrance of the forest trails (to be more accurate: in the pet cemetery... RIP Buster). You can see the hut that will house the generators and batteries required for the solar panels. My dad has decided that they are going completely off the grid. This fortuitously placed meadow is perfect for a panel big enough to sustain a home.
This is the view (to the right - the driveway is on the left) from the soon-to-be front porch. The fall colours are simply amazing this year!

Now for my favourite photo of the bunch - the aforementioned driveway (as seen from the house):
How peaceful is that? Don't you just want to take a stroll??!

I can't wait to see what the place will look like next time we are up (at Christmas)!

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