Monday, September 28, 2015

Fall Decor

It's almost fall! Autumn is definitely my favourite season. After months of hot weather, the cooler temperatures of fall are more than welcome! And then there are the wonderful scents, the pumpkin spice flavoured everything and stunning fall colours - it just couldn't get any better!

I haven't yet pulled out my "fall decor" box, but here are a few new things I've picked up so far:
I LOVE fall gourds and pumpkins - I can never resist picking them up at the grocery store! That gorgeous copper lantern comes from Shopper's Drug Mart, of all places. A perfect addition to my autumn collection!

I'll be digging into our under-the-stairs storage for my older fall decor soon - first, though, my new curio cabinet will be delivered (Thursday) so that I can clear and organize some space!

Continuing with the fall theme though, yesterday, while Pat was out golfing, I made a delicious chicken barley soup:
I love making broth from scratch! It's so easy! This time (it's never the same), I boiled together a chicken carcass (only the breasts were missing from Thursday's dinner), an onion, the tops from six carrots and the core of a napa cabbage. After about an hour and a bit, I strained the broth and cleaned the chicken carcass, adding back in the edible chicken. Then I added barley, lentils, kasha and brown rice; celery, carrots and onion, chopped. A bit of seasoning (lots of salt) finished it off for a very delicious soup. I'm looking forward to lunch leftovers tomorrow! 

What are some of your favourite fall recipes and decor?

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