Saturday, April 25, 2015


Here's a small glimpse into our new home - and a first decision: curtains! Based on the size of our front window, we thought it would be easiest to go with curtains. Since I like a lot of light but I still want to protect our hardwood, we decided to go with two layers: sheer ones with UV protection and dark ones for the evening. Here are the sheer ones:
I love the pattern on them - they're perfect.

Here are the curtains we're trying out (only bought one panel to see if we liked them):
They're a lovely neutral grey-brown with shimmery gold flowers and dark brown leafy outlines. I love them - I think they suit us and the space well. Pat doesn't really like them.. he doesn't think the colours match the room. So we're still looking for now. We also need curtains for our master bedroom and blinds for the other two rooms and the dining room at the back.

Things are slowly coming together - there's still so much to do though! And this weekend is totally dedicated to the apartment: emptying the last few items remaining, cleaning and painting. Fun stuff! 

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