Monday, August 25, 2014

29 List

This weekend, I finally sat down to hash out my 29 List. I went over my 28 List and tried to find things that worked and things that didn't. I'm terrible at "open ended" goals and documenting daily/weekly/monthly goals. So this time around, I'm making myself a few reminders so to speak. I'm going to start a new journal to keep track of daily/weekly things and I made up some cue cards with monthly goals on it. That way, I can easily "check off" things when I've completed them. Hopefully this will keep me on track a bit better!

Anyway, here's the recap - italics are some comments:

28 Things To Do Before Turning 28
  1. read 50 new books - I read 25, so HALF complete
  2. read 5 French books
  3. join (or start) a book club
  4. catalog all my books
  5. maintain a daily yoga routine - I've started one many times, but haven't managed to maintain it
  6. go skating at least once a week all winter
  7. find a new place to explore (museum, hiking trail, gallery, etc) once a month (and document each excursion) - I explored many new things, but didn't bother to document it...
  8. cut down on take out to once or twice a month - pack lunches for work everyday
  9. grow an herb garden
  10. cook one new recipe from each month's Bon App├ętit magazine (and keep record of each one!) - I think this one is about half done as well
  11. blog at least twice a week - take lots of photos on the weekend to make this easier
  12. revive Etsy shops, one at a time
  13. design new blog logo, layout and colour scheme
  14. design one or two tutorials (at least), including video, and post them here
  15. design and post a journaling workshop
  16. sew mom's bedspread, pillowcase and napkins (before Thanksgiving!)
  17. finish the 2013 woodland sampler
  18. write something daily - diary, story, whatever, however long or short, write!
  19. work out a design for my sister-in-law's tree "guest book" painting
  20. fill 2 regular black sketchbooks
  21. completely fill Amber art book
  22. completely fill Art of Spring sketchbook
  23. finish 5 canvases and post on Etsy
  24. finish all 3 of the Christy Tomlinson workshops I signed up for last spring - only 1 completely finished
  25. finish the Healthcare Improvement course I started last year
  26. reorganize closets, including my wardrobe (extending to dressers) and jewelry collection (extending to organizing dresser tops)
  27. reorganize my desk and craft space to make it more usable and inspiring
  28. visit a new city and sight-see
Too many of the art and internet related goals got pushed aside while I was busy with work and life. This time, I'm aiming for a bit more balance:

29 Things To Do Before Turning 29
  1.  try a new recipe from each new magazine I receive (Bon Appetit and Saveur) and document it
  2. drink more water: aim for 1.5L daily
  3. pickle/can/preserve something: one sweet, one savoury and one more
  4. cook dried beans monthly (freeze leftovers for the month)
  5. make more things from scratch: bread, hummus, cheese, yogurt, sauces (see "Making from Scratch" cookbook for ideas) - try one monthly and document it
  6. make lunches the night before - aim to pack a lunch every day
  7. start Christmas baking in October: go through and empty freezers and bake one recipe a week until Christmas - try at least three new recipes
  8. keep on top of cleaning up: spend at least ten minutes a night setting things right for the next morning
  9. wake up early and go to the gym (or do yoga) - spend at least 45 minutes every day being active
  10. make it a habit to go for a long walk / hike every weekend
  11. find a rink to go to regularly - skate as often as possibly all winter
  12. find a doctor, dentist, esthetician, massage therapist - use them regularly
  13. visit a new city
  14. swim in the ocean
  15. take a class, be it art, science, exercise/dance, cooking or something else
  16. go to a show/event monthly: concerts, sports, theatre, museum, art gallery, etc
  17. make time for a weekly "date night": no devices allowed - mix it up, don't always just go out for supper
  18. read 20 books that I already own (as of August 21, 2014)
  19. make a proper inventory/database of books owned
  20. downsize wardrobe (including jewelry): keep only the most comfortable and flattering pieces (plus a few sentimental ones)
  21. organize craft room: downsize on supplies
  22. hang more art on the walls, including my own work
  23. blog at least twice a week - take lots of photos regularly to simplify the process - bring camera along on trips and walks more often
  24. design and post a journaling workshop
  25. design a new blog logo and theme
  26. finish Amber art book and start a new altered book
  27. finish the Woodland sampler and work on seasonal samplers
  28. finish tree guest "book" for Pat's sister
  29. write in journal weekly - art journal at least twice weekly
Some of these goals are recycled - they are the ones I really, really, really want to accomplish this year. I've also added in some more quantifiable goals which should make them easier to keep track of. Lastly, I've added in a few things I know I'll be doing in the next year - crossing things off the list is way more satisfying that seeing how little I've actually done in a whole year!

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