Sunday, May 11, 2008

New tags!

So I've been missing for a week... and it was a pretty busy week. I spent some time in the lab, getting some safety training done and helping a senior scientist get some cell culturing going. I really miss being in the lab, and it was fun to be back, even if only temporarily. I still don't know when I'll be starting my Master's, though... hopefully soon, although I don't officially start until September.

I also noticed how my cala lily was growing around an angel I have sitting on my window sill. I thought it looked so pretty, like it was giving the angel a hug.

Last weekend was my cousins first communion ~ they're from Milton, which is close by. My mom and dad came down for that since they're his godparents, and it was a great weekend! We stayed in a hotel, and my aunt gave everyone who came a gorgeous hyacinth plant.
None of the plants had bloomed yet, but the day after I got back home, all these gorgeous purple blue flowers opened. It filled my apartment with an amazing scent ~ almost like lilac.Beautiful!

Anyway, not much else is new other than it's my brother's wedding next weekend! I'm getting really excited! I just haven't decided what to wear jewelry-wise. I have so much to choose from, I just want it to look nice with my dress. I have a few options I'm tossing around... we'll see. I did just purchase some stunning hot pink earrings from Andromedii, and since she's a Canadian seller, hopefully I'll get them in time! I've bought earrings from her before, and they're absolutely gorgeous, so I'm really looking forward to getting these.

So the real reason for my post was these pretty lollypop tree tags. They're really sweet, and would be perfect for any sort of gift giving!

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Mrs.Kwitty said...

Oh, that is so pretty the way the lily is growing around the angel! (I have a collection of those angels, I just love their sweet simplicity).

Cute tags!
Smiles, Karen