Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Mini notebooks

Well, it's the playoffs... that means hockey is on every night. Pat, my live-in boyfriend, actually got cable in our apartment (I had nothing before) just for that purpose. So last night, while watching a close game (unfortunately, Colorado lost) I made some mini notebooks.
Quite a few mini notebooks.
12 in total. Aren't these patterns gorgeous? I got the cover pages from Etsy seller thienthanh... such lovely paper!
So I've posted a pack of three in my Ulixis shop. The firey polkadots you see in the first picture are actually the ones that are posted, but I thought that I'd give my blog readers (all one of you) a sneak peak at some of the others I'll be posting soon. These little notebooks are so convenient to have around ~ you can jot down something before you forget and they're a perfect size for fitting in pockets, purses or bags.

On a more personal note, I went dress shopping today. My brother is getting married in May, and I get to be the bridesmaid. It's just going to be a small family wedding, and not at a church or anything, so I'm going to be the only bridesmaid, and hence, I got to choose whatever dress I wanted. It's gorgeous!!! As soon as my photographer/Pat gets home, I'll do a photoshoot and post some pictures of it.

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Angie said...

aw, I love the patterns that you used for those bookies (espcially the polka dot ones!)

And ah yes...play off time! It falls perfectly in with final exam time ehehe (I can't spend as much time with the boy becuase of studying, but that's ok, because hockey is replacing me this time of year lol). This year, I'm in a hockey pool too...it's moreless just a way that James is trying to get me involved (i.e. wanting either team a or b to win; instead of being impartial lol)...and it kinda gets him two entries into the pool this way as well - we get to split winnings if we do win (fingers crossed).