Monday, March 3, 2008


Well, my week of hell is over. I defended my thesis yesterday ~ it went well, I think. I planned on dazzling everyone with my cool migration videos such that they wouldn't have very many questions to ask... and it worked! Last night, a whole bunch of us went out for dinner, then convened at biopharm headquarters (3 biopharmers live together this year, so any parties and get-togethers usually end up starting and staying there). What a great night!! Drunken charades is hilarious! And then I caught up on some much needed sleep this morning. Thankfully, I only have one class on Mondays, and it's at 1:30.

Friday was the Biology formal, and I went with my boyfriend Pat (you can see his shoulder in the picture above) and two of my biopharm friends: Sharon (on the left) and Lina (in the middle). It was a lot of fun ~ the food was amazing!! The only complaints I have was that they didn't start serving us until 8, so we didn't finish dessert until 11!!! With the first buses heading back to campus at 11:45, it didn't give us much time to dance (we couldn't leave too early since we had to be at school for 9 AM the next morning for thesis defences... and Sharon presented first! Thankfully mine was on Sunday). The music wasn't great, but as you can see we did still get some dancing in! Not the most flattering picture, but do I ever look like I'm getting into it! Good times!!!!!

I also received a little surprise in the mail today:

My two little bunnies from Blossom Hill!! Aren't they adorable?? The large ceramic bunny with "fur" was an Easter gift from my mom last year. I think she's a suitable surrogate mother for these two sweeties!!

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