Monday, October 1, 2007

Items of the Day!

Yes, I know, I've been neglecting my blog and my shop. I feel terrible. But I've also been busy (finally sent in my two applications) and lazy. This weekend I went for an IKEA shopping trip, and came back with a microwave stand and some shelving.. which has inspired me to clean up, reorganize and decorate for the holidays. I'm preparing for a trip home for Thanksgiving, which is already next weekend! Where has the time gone? I'm getting pretty excited: turkey and ham and pumpkin pie... mmmmmm....

Which brings me to this item of the day: some of the cute Thanksgiving and fall decorations I've come across on Etsy lately. I won't be showcasing the stores as much as my other item of the day posts, but they are all excellent shops that offer great merchandise. I recommend that you check them all out!! Keep looking back for more items of the day, where I'm pretty sure I'll be featuring amazing fall, Thanksgiving and Halloween finds.

First up today is keeping along the lines of all the great food you get to indulge and overeat during Thanksgiving. My all-time favourite is pumpkin pie, but I enjoy pumpkin cookies, tarts, breads, cakes, candies... Pretty much anything. Which is why I'm really tempted to try this Gourmet Pumpkin Fudge, homemade by VeesWear. It looks really good ~ and so does the apple spice fudge. Mmmmm... it's almost lunch and I'm hungry and salivating! This would make a great addition to any dessert trays (or midnight snacks)!

Ok, now onto some actual decorations. I love this beautiful Quilted Fall Leaves wall hanging handmade by doodlebugquilts season - the gorgeous colours and. It would make a fantastic addition to your home during the entire fall subtle patterns make it a sure bet that it would complement your personal decor. The detail on this piece is incredible ~ there are leaves outlined in the quilted stitching (see the close-up pictures after following the link). Simply stunning (and affordable too ~ check out the shop!).

Take a look at this picture? Good enough to eat, don't you think? I thought so too, but it turns out that these candy corn are actually soap! The listing is for large candy corn soap, so I figure it's for the large one on the side. It's big enough to last through the entire fall season, even for those sinks with lots of traffic. But I think these little soaps are adorable too - they would make such a cute addition to any soap dish. And they would make a great gift, as long as you warned the recipient that they are indeed NOT edible! Be sure to stop by Robinosities, the designer behind the soaps, and check out some of the other soapy creations (I like the crayons!)!

These crocheted pumpkins by CogansCreations are a perfect addition to your fall / Thanksgiving / Halloween decorations. Soft and bright, they would look cute sitting on a shelf, microwave, bed or desk or as part of a fun centrepiece or gift. These pumpkins are affordable too, so you can create your own pumpkin patch! The stems are even bendable. They are sure to put a smile on your face!! Be sure to check out this shop ~ quite a few fall and Christmas decorations and gift ideas are already posted!

We all know that any fall decorating spree cannot be complete without a key fall jewelry item. And who couldn't "Fall for These Autumn Earrings" by toewees? A perfectly neutral orange colour and a zany leaf shape, these earrings are completely wearable ~ can't you see yourself wearing these to work, the mall, to do groceries, for a walk in the park, to the post office... all the time? Make sure to check out this shop for many, many cute little earrings for everyday and the holidays.

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