I am happy to now offer advertisement opportunities on my blog! Blogging is a passion of mine and having wonderful sponsors will enable me to continue pursuing that passion. If you're interested in sharing this little slice of life with me, send me a message at
There are limited advertisement spots on my blog, situated at the top of the sidebar, to be sold on a month to month basis. Each ad will run for one month, starting on the first of the month. Currently, ad spaces are 200x150px and $5 each.

What you get:

  1. Prime real estate on my blog sidebar for one month.
  2. Two "check out my sponsors" blog posts a month, once at the beginning of the month, once near the end.
As of April 2012, my page views are around 175 per day, with well over 1200 unique visitors per month. That means you're exposing at least 1200 new people to your blog or shop when you advertise on my blog for just 1 month!

I also promote Ulixis Crafts daily on various social media sites. Just to give you an idea of the numbers:

  • around 275 registered readers via Google and Blog Catalog (and many more unregistered ones) 
  • 68 likes on Facebook 
  • over 470 Twitter friends 
  • 265 followers on Pinterest 
I also post all my photos on Flickr and occasionally use Digg, StumbleUpon and link up to other blogs. All this means lots of exposure for you!

I try to blog at least once a day, and am continually striving to improve Ulixis Crafts. Hopefully, a little extra funding via sponsorship will allow me to provide you with even more entertainment in the form of photos, downloads, tutorials and swaps!

What I need from you:

  1. An ad. Make it a jpg or png file (static images only please - no flashing), 200px (width) by 150px (height). If you don't have one made up already, I can make one for you - just send me a note so that we can chat about it.
  2. The link you want your ad to refer back to.
  3. An email address where I can send you the Paypal invoice.

What to do:

Send your ad (or ad criteria) and link to Please include "Advertisement Opportunity" as the subject line. I will be considering all requests I receive, but reserve the right to accept only those that I feel fit on this blog. If you have any questions, send me a note, I'd love to hear from you!